ACS stands out from other Vocational Training Colleges. The following points show why:

  • Flexibility – you can study when and where you want, choose what to study, mix and match an extremely wide range of modules in a way to suit you. We even allow you to design your own certificate or proficiency award 1-4. After graduating, you can use lower level qualifications as credits toward higher qualifications.
  • Graduates are extremely successful. Our success rates are high. Study with ACS gives students a unique set of soft skills in addition to their studies.  These include skills such as time management, the ability to work independently, self motivation and more.
  • Learn for the Future, Not the Past.    While other colleges often determine current needs, and base courses on what the world needs now; we design courses with your future needs as our priority.  Our courses are designed to not only teach the subject, but also to build a capacity to keep growing within your field of study, and to develop good work habits (eg. an ability to work to specification) and start building networks of contacts.
  • All our courses are unique (and to be successful in today's need to be unique… doing a standard course that is taught by many different colleges may in fact restrict your opportunities for employment,
  • Our standards have not been degraded in recent years, like many other colleges. We hear of other colleges pay up to 25% of your course fees to agents, spend up to 50% on compliance (accreditation) costs and huge amounts on buying property and servicing loans. ACS operates with very different priorities; allocating the bulk of your course fees to actually providing you with a better learning experience.
  • Academic Officers are highly qualified and experienced - more so than for most other colleges (Compare our minimum requirements for tutors with other colleges -3 years + full time post secondary education and 5 years +  experience)
  • Service to students is more immediate than at other colleges – Academic Officers are on duty 5 days a week, 50 weeks of the year, on both sides of the world (UK & Australia) – on call as you need them, this type of service is virtually unheard of elsewhere.

  • Bookshop includes a wide range of titles including dozens of ebooks written by our staff, specifically to complement the needs of courses.
  • Service is guaranteed, because unlike most, it is not subject to changes in government funding or policy.
  • Recognition through various industry bodies, including arrangements with Tower insurance (UK) and Arthur J Gallagher (Australia), for graduates to access professional indemnity insurance.
  • Choice is huge. In 2019 over 1500 different courses, and more courses being developed constantly. We are even open to talk about developing a course to meet your needs if we don't already have one - Talk to us. We have developed new courses in less than a month.
 Arrangements through other institutions leading to higher qualifications. (eg. through Warnborough College). We are formally affiliated with a network of institutions across six countries (see our Affiliates)


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