Business Opportunity to franchise or license courses


ACS is keen to find affiliates who are like minded and compatible. Are you:

  • Passionate about QUALITY LEARNING and less focused on ACCREDITATION and RECOGNITION?
  • Prepared to work with our standard contract?
  • Prepared to join IARC (International Accreditation & Recognition Council) AND maintain your membership?
  • Willing and able to attend our Australian or UK staff for several days to fast track becoming familiar with operations, services and products?

If you answered "YES" to all of the above, please read on:

Start Your Own Distance Education School

    •     We supply the courses (450+)
    •     Proven successful business model
    •     Very affordable buy in
    •     Massive market (some individual competitors turn over in excess of $7 billion a year)
    •     Support and guidance from a successful school in business 35+ years
    •     International course recognition
    •     Join our network of successful international affiliates
    •     Includes procedure manuals for students and staff
    •     Staff training programs
    •     Online Affiliates Room - with lots of support
    •     Template Web Site -allows you to create a "manageable".Net" site
    •     Option for customised ebook business (ACS also publishes ebooks) Start an ebookshop first-click for details

What do our affiliates think of us?

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Call us: +61 (0)7 5562 1088
Fax us: +61 (0)7 5562 1099
Email: [email protected]


  • Start a New College or Expand an existing College
  • Run OUR courses through YOUR school
  • Set your own fees and adjust courses
  • ACS provides marketing and IT support
  • ACS provides assistance with tutoring
  • Licensees market, teach and administrate

Who can be an affiliate?

  • Established colleges or institutions
  • Businesses involved in training who are ready to move into successful online training
  • Anyone who's ready to run a school
  • Any individual or company interested in selling quality educational products

ACS reserves the right to run background checks, and/or ask members of our affiliation network if they have any knowledge of a company that applies to be an affiliate. ACS is not obliged to provide a reason for declining an application.

Standard Affiliation Contract

  • The affiliate delivers the course.
  • ACS provides electronic copies which the affiliate can brand and deliver as their own.
  • ACS supplies additional support (eg. advice, procedures, student room resources etc).
  • ACS is paid a royalty on courses sold; which is on the sliding scale, with the % being higher if only small
    quantities of courses are sold.
  • Establishment fee is $4,950 (+ GST if applicable)


Premium Affiliation Contract

  • Template Web Site –provides you with a manageable .Net site that has the capacity to sell both courses and ebooks. Basic information is already loaded onto the site to sell courses and ebooks (Only names, prices and a very brief generic description for each; but enough to begin making sales immediately if you have a customer ready to buy).  Minimal other information is already on the site
  • Online Delivery System-We provide a unique channel for online delivery of courses. Using software written by our staff, access to courses is directly from a database maintained by our staff; but the technology will automatically re-brand the courses with each affiliates own name and logo.  Because you are accessing course materials from our database; rather than your own; you do not have the ongoing added cost of needing to upload revised courses into your database each time something is updated.
  • Note: You will need to expand, and if you want, change the minimal information on the site we supply, to create a uniqueness and optimise the site.An online affiliates room with tools for training yourself and staff; marketing advice and a directory of potential tutors. We maintain this as a register for people around the world who are seeking employment as tutors. There are often hundreds listed; who have had a preliminary screening by ACS. This makes it easy for you to find and employ tutors whenever you need them.
  • Access to an online repository of all courses and books. These products are continually being revised and added to, so you have access to the latest version of everything.- Support from ACS staff in both the UK and Australia, through out affiliates manager
  • The initial establishment fee is $7,950 (+ GST if applicable) –but for this added cost, you are likely to become operational faster; and incur lower set up costsPayment system built into site that can be connected to Paypal for example (once account is arranged by yourself)Automated reporting of sales for billing.Optional initial “web optimisation” pack for an additional sum.

  • * ASK US ABOUT OTHER ALTERNATIVES: Foundation License ($AU995+GST if applicable) and Standard License ($AU4950+GST if applicable)

    Comments from Affiliates:

    Not only are the courses of the highest standard and quality, the student feedback is great. We highly recommend any institution to deliver ACS courses.
    - Shane Collison, Learning Cloud

    "Partnering with ACS has given us the ability to greatly expand the range of course we offer our students. During our first year of partnership, the support and encouragement provided by the ACS team has been exceptional."
    Matthew Smith, NSW School of Massage
    “ Working with an ethical institution like ACS as an affiliate has been a very positive experience. I appreciate the fact that the affiliates are valued highly and any suggestions are taken seriously and acted upon.”  Dr Ramana Panda, Director, Health Academy Australia
    "Warnborough is proud to be in partnership with a leading provider of distance learning programmes. ACS students obtain solid course guidance throughout their study programme. The bedrock of ACS, like Warnborough, is academic quality and attention to career needs."
    - Dr. Brenden D. Tempest-Mogg, President, Warnborough College
    Services we supply you with:
    • A license to deliver specified courses
    • Options to deliver with or without tuition, using paper-based notes or e-learning
    • Electronic copies of courses in a format that is readily branded as your own
    • Continuous upgrades (as courses are revised) through an online repository
    • Initial customisation of courses for CD
    • Unique Online Student Resource Room branded as your own
    • Unique Online Affiliates Room (includes a register of potential tutors -Find staff easily!)
    • Regular News Bulletins and updates are emailed to all affiliates
    • Networking and Business Opportunities with other Affiliates around the world
    • PR support (listings on ACS sites, copy of content for own use on web, media releases, brochures etc)

    Want to know more?

    Click on the following links for more info before registering your interest

    Click here to register your interest in becoming an affiliate

    Contact Information


    Phone: (UK Only) 0800 328 4723 between 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
    Fax: International: +44(0)207 6812702 In UK: 0207 6812702


    Phone: International: +61 7 5562 1088 In Australia: 07 5562 1088
    Fax: International: +61 7 5562 1099 In Australia: 07 5562 1099

    Check out these FAQ's

    1. Are there any specific criteria that you require from an Affiliate?

    We look for people who are basically of like mind to ourselves and other affiliates; and who have the capacity to make a success of marketing and delivering our courses.
    There is no point (for you or us) going into a deal if you are trying to do something with our courses which they are not designed for; or if you are heading in a totally different direction to where we are going.


    2. Could I create a portal for online training and market your training programs alongside training programs from other suppliers?

    Yes; but we do like to talk to affiliates about the options. We have a great deal of experience and have seen too many potential affiliates flounder because they make mistakes that we've already seen made before.


    3. How do you track the sales that you generate through affiliate sites?

    It is the affiliate's responsibility to track sales and report to us monthly. The contract allows us to send in auditors if we suspect foul play, but this is an unlikely scenario if we are working with people who are credible and ethical.

    4. I intend on creating an online catalogue populated with training programs, could I use your affiliate program to promote your training programs in this way?

    This is a complex question in some respects. We do provide a great deal of marketing support, and some affiliates do deals with other affiliates. We use our web sites and experience to help build affiliates' web sites too. We not only provide a product to sell (i.e. courses), but also help with formulating strategies for marketing, management, provision of student services and so on. It's a rather comprehensive support package, and we're geared to doing things a certain way. There's a lot of room for customisation & differentiation between affiliates, but there are also limitations to the direction which an affiliate can take (eg. we have seen affiliates wanting to repackage & sell courses as a mass market item, without tutor support at a budget price over the counter, and that concept simply does not work here).

    5. Could I set up an online shopping catalogue promoting your training programs with a link through to your shopping cart for order processing?

    We've had hundreds of approaches from companies wanting to sell courses on commission, leaving us to deliver them. We DO NOT operate this way. This simply does not fit our business model.
    We've developed a system that allows & makes it easy for affiliates to set up and deliver the courses themselves - we can help you set up your own school with very little infrastructure or cost. This gives you much more profit; and is the model we are seeking to build.

    6. Would you have any issue with me using content/wording from your site to promote your products on my own site?

    We do allow this in start up phase; but encourage affiliates to differentiate from each other over time by customising the wording they use to their own business.

    7. How are commissions paid?

    Bank to bank transfer, either in Australian dollars or pounds sterling; either to our Australian Westpac account or our UK HSBC account. 

    8. What support do you provide for affiliates?

    Initially we insist on 2 or 3 days of induction to familiarize a new affiliate with the product, services, marketing, and support services. This can be conducted face to face in either Australia (Gold Coast) or the UK (Stourbridge near Birmingham); or over the internet using Skype.
    After this we provide:
    - Mentoring from the UK and Australia via Skype, email or phone (certain limitations may be specified by the contract)
    - Support via an online (password protected) affiliates' room (this provides advice, articles, artwork, a directory of potential tutors - so you don't need to advertise to find tutors, and more)
    -Access to course upgrades continuously via an online (password protected) repository of courses
    -News bulletins and reports, emailed frequently to affiliates 


    9. Are there any issues with marketing your training programs in Australia?

    Again, this can be discussed at length, but the programs are designed specifically to be relevant in any country, climate or culture. There are no particularly significant concerns; though there can sometimes be issues for the occasional student or with the occasional course.


    10. What recognition do your programs have?

    This is another issue that can be discussed at length. Informally, and generally, our recognition is extremely good. Once you get down to specifics though, the answer to this question is going to be different for every course, and different in different countries.

    We find that many potential affiliates assume that this is a critical factor.
    In reality, we have done studies over a long period of time to determine the significance of formal recognition and accreditation, and for our market/demographic, this issue is surprisingly unimportant compared with many other factors.

    Many of our qualifications are recognised by IARC. Some are accredited or recognised by government or relevant industry bodies. Others hold no formal recognition. Often recognition does not flow automatically to the new affiliate. Most accreditation bodies will approve a "specified institution" to deliver a "specified course". If a new institution starts enrolling students, normally that new institution will need to apply for "approval" in some way, shape or form before they can claim the recognition or accreditation This is the same in most colleges with most courses and in most countries... so even if you get your courses elsewhere, you still have that same problem to deal with!

    ACS Distance Education reserves the right to alter the contract without notice.