ACS Student Stories- Eloise









Eloise studied our foundation horticulture course, Horticulture I, with ACS Distance Education. This course fostered a love of horticulture in Eloise and she went onto further training and now has a rewarding career working for a Botanical Garden.

Here's what she had to say:

Do you find the course to be a valuable learning experience? Why?

"Yes. 100%. I found the structure, lessons and assignments practical, easy to understand and informative. I really felt like I was actually learning valuable information, much of which I have retained and still refer to.  And I know that the knowledge I gained through this course led me to the position I am in now which is a horticulturist at a West Australian botanic garden. 
I recall reading John Mason's history of the school and I liked how he designed the course with long term learning being the priority, as opposed to shorter term, box ticking, competency-based style of education. This effectively made up my mind in commencing the course.

I have studied with other training providers and found the course structure to be convoluted and disappointing. These other study experiences really highlighted how enjoyable my study experience was with ACS. And as soon as I had an interview or work trial I could easily prove myself using the foundation knowledge I gained from ACS.

I loved the delivery of the course, and the lack of deadlines etc. I wasn't working at the time and it was the perfect opportunity to change direction in my life towards something I was really passionate about. After my traineeship I applied for a qualified position and was successful. This is where I am now (well actually I'm on maternity leave at present).

I went from having zero experience/knowledge in horticulture to now working in one of the best Botanic Gardens in the world...and I do put a lot of that down to ACS - so thank you!"