ACS Distance Education staff regularly write for publications worldwide.
We also operate our own publishing business.
Principal John Mason is author of over thirty five books and over two thousand magazine articles for a range of other publishers. John has written books for various publishers including Simon and Schuster, and Landlinks Press (CSIRO Publishing). 
John Mason has been editor for several magazines over the decades, and in 2013 was appointed as Garden editor including the Australian "green" magazine called "Home Grown", which most of our staff wrote articles for.
In 2011, ACS launched it's own ebook publishing division; and has been publishing at least one new ebook every month. See
Here are some of our published articles:

What is the Future of Universities- John Mason- Published volume 21.3 of the Australian Parks & Leisure Magazine

A New Phase in Horticultural Study Reaches Australia

UK trip strikes harmony with Institute of Horticulture & Gardener's World Live


See Our Publishing Department

ACS is a major ebook publisher, having published 20 books in it's first year of operation. 

By the start of 2017 over 1200 books had been written and published. 2018 sees more new titles being added! 

ACS ebooks are distributed internationally by one of the world's major book distribution companies: Overdrive
Our books are available both through our own mail order bookshops ( in Australia and in the UK) and through other bookshops and libraries around the world.