Joining a Professional or Industry organization is a very real way of benefiting your career. We recommend graduates from our online courses should always become active with industry organisations such as the following.

How memberships may benefit you:

  • Provides additional credentials (Often membership is only open to people who meet certain criteria such as an approved qualification and or certain)
  • Often allows you to put additional letters after your name
  • Provides networking opportunities
  • Provides business opportunities
  • Gives you a say in development of an industry (eg. Such bodies are often given opportunities to input into government)
  • Information or advisory services

Note: Every organization has it’s own distinct purpose and mix of services that are provided to the membership. Some are geared to support their members businesses more than others. Others may focus more strongly on professional development opportunities

A range of professional bodies accept ACS students (from appropriate courses) as members.

  • ACS encourages students to join and become active (where relevant) with the following organizations.
  • ACS or one (or more) of it's staff hold membership with most of the bodies listed.



Future Farmers

'ACS is an organisational member of the Future Farmers Network.

FFN are focused on building the engagement and network of those aged 18 to 35 years with the aim to empower, support and retain young people in Australian agriculture.


Study Gold Coast (Australia)

The school is a long term member of Study Gold Coast





Complementary Medicine Association ACS is a member of the Complementary Medicine Association (CMA) in the UK 

ACS students in the UK and Aus can join NOW. Find out how you can be a member here . 


Alternative Technology Association

The school has been a member of the ATA sine the 1990's



Permaculture Association (UK)

The school is a member of the Permaculture Association


Nursery and Garden Industry Association

The school has been a member of the Nursery Industry Assoc. since 1992


Association for Coaching

ACS is an Organisational Member of this body.



Australian Institute of Horticulture
The principal, John Mason, is a fellow of AIH. ACS holds Training Provider status with the AIH and is now listed as a Preferred Member Training Provider. As such, ACS students who meet AIH criteria are entitled to subscribe to AIH as the Category 2 Student member.



Parks & Leisure Australia

The principal, John Mason is a fellow of PLA, and has been a member since 1974.


Chartered Institute of Horticulture

The principal, John Mason, is a fellow of the CIH



International Society of Horticultural Science

The principal is a member of ISHS.  or




International Plant Propagators Society

The principal, John Mason, has been a member of IPPS since the late 1980's


International Herb Association

We have been a member of the IHA since the mid 1980's



Australian Council of Health, Physical Education and Recreation.

The principal, John Mason, has been a member of ACHPER since 1977


Australian & New Zealand Mental Health Association (ANZMH)

The Principal John Mason is a member of the ANZMH


Australian Society of Authors

The principal, John Mason has been a member of ASA, since 1988




Horticultural Media Association

Our principal, John Mason is a foundation member of the HMA



Garden Media Guild (UK)
The principal, John Mason is a full member of the GMG


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