Below is a list of institutions licensed to deliver ACS online courses. They are required to maintain high levels of quality in the delivery of courses and servicing of students as a condition of their membership of the ACS Global Partners (AGP) network.

If you would like to find out more about starting your own school and joining our affiliation network, please visit www.acsaffiliates.com, or email our Affiliations Manager at [email protected]

ACS Distance Education UK
Website: www.acsedu.co.uk
Phone: 01384 442752
Email: [email protected]

Learning Cloud
Australian Website: www.learningcloud.com.au
New Zealand: www.Learningcloudnz.co.nz
Ireland: www.Learningcloud.ie

Website: www.adlhomestudy.co.uk
Phone: UK: 01227 789 649
Int'l: +44 1227 789 649

Health Academy Australia (incorporating Medical Pages)
Website: www.healthcourses.com.au
Website: www.medicalpages.com.au
Email: [email protected]

Warnborough Online Courses
Website: http://courses.warnborough.edu/shop/

Email: [email protected]


Website: http://ireland.warnborough.edu
Tel: +353 (0) 1 814 8670
Email: [email protected]

Careerline Courses
Website (Australia): www.careerlinecourses.com.au
Website (Asia): www.careerlinecourses.asia
Email: [email protected]

Warwickshire College  
Website: www.warwickshire.ac.uk
ACS Courses Listings 
Email: [email protected]


Energime University
Website: courses.energimeuniversity.org
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 425-422-2348/860-397-5345

Education & Training Academy
Website: www.thetrainingacademy.com.au
Phone: 07 5689 1500
Email: [email protected]

Mums Inc
Website: www.mumsinc.com
Phone: 07 5508 2894 
Email: [email protected]

My Learning Online
Website: www.mylearningonline.com.au
Email: [email protected]

Website: www.spoted.com.au
Email: [email protected]



Website: www.courses4me.com.au

Email: [email protected]


Learn How To
Website: www.learnhowto.com.au
Hundreds of unique Micro courses - 1 to 5 hr courses leading to micro qualifications (badges).





USA Phone +1-419-930-6644
         [email protected]



    Learn Wire
UK - More details soon!



Simply Learning Online
More details soon!


The Institute of Human Development
[email protected]