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New Photojournalism Course – Flexible Distance Learning!

Gain skills to start in Photojournalism. 

Photojournalism must be one of the most exciting careers around, one that not only offers you flexibility and the opportunity to be self employed, but also the chance to use your creative skills!  It can bring with it be an exhilarating, adventure filled lifestyle.

This course takes you through the processes of analysing your own morals and ethics, looking at the effect of different angles on an image, photo selection, publishing for specific publications, submitting work for publication, and meeting the requirements of an editor. Under the guidance of a mentor (a photography/publishing tutor), you will learn to shoot according to specific criteria, deal with a publisher, and communicate effectively with others involved in the publishing process.

Find out more here: Photojournalism-Practice-I

There are 11 lessons in this course:

  1. Scope and Nature of Photojournalism -a short history
  2. Ethics and Photojournalism
  3. What Should I Photograph?
  4. How Should I Photograph It?
  5. Photo Stories / Editing Images
  6. Publishing Opportunities
  7. Working to Specification / Problem Based Learning
  8. Publishing Using Online Management Systems
  9. Taking Photos and Submitting Images
  10. Writing Articles and Captions to Accompany Your Image
  11. Revising Submitted Work


Prerequisites: A photography course (eg. Introduction to Photography, Photographic Practice, Digital Photography) or equivalent & Medium level computer skills, or higher

Duration: 100 hours

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Proficiency Award in Photojournalism

Experienced photojournalists recommend that photography and writing skills aren’t all you need to be successful.  A good understanding of business, marketing and IT skills are also essential to getting your career off the ground.  With this in mind we have put together a selection of courses to support your career in Photojournalism.

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