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Fast News!

More E Books Available!   See
New Zookeeping Certificate - See
Now available online:   Food Preparation – learn to cook!  or

  • New Courses in Development:
    • Weight Loss Consultant
    • Business Coach
    • Physics
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Featured Career

Psychology and Counselling – Be surprised by the diverse opportunities to study and work in the field of psychology see:

Staff Changes

Departures: Michele Cullen & Kevin Wilton have left us.

Cheryl Wilson  BSc(Hons), HND(Horse Mgt) (formerly of Warwickshire College) New Agriculture tutor
Miriam terBorg BSc, DipMassage, Cert Outdoor Rec - New academic officer & tutor. A qualified psychologist, business owner, youth worker, massage therapist, and outdoor pursuits coach.


Networking Opportunities

Who you know can be just as important as what you know!
Many people think that getting a qualification is what you need for guaranteed success in a job, career or business, but that is only a small part of the story.  Employers and customers choose to engage people because first of all, they are “noticed” and secondly  they seem to offer something unique and valuable.
The value of networking is to get you noticed!
The way to offer something unique and valuable is to learn things that your competitition doesn’t know.
How do you do this?
1. Get involved with social networking, then start getting out and meeting people face to face. Join professional bodies, attend meetings and meet people involved in your industry
2. Study a course that is different to many courses in most colleges (National curriculum style courses do not differentiate you in the workplace and are best avoided). Pick a college that is strong on learning (some focus more on assessment), and pick courses designed to offer flexibility in what you study (ACS courses focus on exactly this!)

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