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Accreditation and Recognition

ACS is recognised by both IARC and a range of other bodies. We are also affiliated with around 15 other colleges.
Our policy on recognition is to only pursue recognition and accreditation if and when it does not have a negative effect upon the quality, value or stability of the learning we provide for our students.

We are committed to maintaining learning as our first priority, and at all costs, avoid becoming either a compliance mill or Proficiency Award mill; as some other colleges have. To read more, click here.

John Mason - Principal, ACS Distance Education


Exciting New Feature in Student Room!

STOP PRESS: Exciting new feature in the Student Room! 
Don't panic when you see the new format.  As part of our mission to continually improve our service, we have now streamlined and automated the assignment submission process.  These changes will allow us to process and track your assignments more efficiently.  Please assist us by submitting your assignments through the Student Room, rather than by email.  It's so easy, just follow the prompts!



Course News

The following courses have been revised and are now offered for online or CD (e learning) study:
Family Counselling, Health and Fitness I, Therapeutic Nutrition, Commercial Vegetable Production, Fruit Production – Temperate Climate.

Expanded Notes
The following have had notes revised and expanded:
Self Sufficiency II, Medicinal Herbs, Irrigation : Agricultural, Beef Cattle, Computer Servicing II, Computer Servicing III, Weed Control.


Update on RHS Certificate II

The Royal Horticultural Society Certificates are in the process of being updated. The changes will be phased in over the next year or so.
If you are currently studying an RHS certificate, you will not be left high and dry; but full details of what options are available to you have not yet been settled.

The first of the new RHS Certificates will be open for enrolments within the next couple of weeks. The new RHS Certificate is called the RHS Level 2 Certificate in the Principles of Plant Growth, Propagation and Development. Click here for more information.



Staff News

Do You Know Our Staff?  
See staff profiles by clicking here 

New Tutor: Thady Barrett M.Hort (RHS)
Thady is a consultant to the horticulture industry in the UK, with particular interest in the ornamental plant sector. Previously a senior lecturer at Writtle College for 20 years which included being course tutor for RHS qualifications. Thady has wide ranging practical horticultural experience but with a  specific interest in propagation techniques and plant production technologies. Member of the International Plant Propagators Society (IPPS) and awarded the Rose Bowl Award in 2009 in recognition of his contribution to the society.

ACS Tutor Thady Barrett M. Hort (RHS)

Affiliation Opportunity

We are seeking people or established businesses who are keen to develop a new school, or expand an existing one, offering ACS courses in a range of locations around the world, particularly in Southern Australia, the UK, and Europe. Click here for more information.

ACS Staff and Affiliates - Affiliates' Meeting, March 2010.

Join an Association!

Study is one of the cornerstones of developing a successful career or business.
Don’t forget the other cornerstones though!
Networking can be almost as important to your success as what study is; and joining a professional body can be an excellent way to do this.

ACS and its staff are members of many excellent professional bodies, and we are happy to introduce and recommend you to an appropriate organisation. Just ask your tutor, or see some of those we are involved with by clicking here.



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