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Course News

New Courses Launched:

Food Preparation
Learn how to prepare food! Understand the principles for selecting, cleaning, cutting, preserving, flavouring, mixing, cooking, and everything else involved in preparing food for consumption. 
Javascript is a powerful scripting language which can be used to read and modify HTML elements, validate data, and it can also react to events such as a mouse click or a key press on the keyboard, etc. New Course in January 2011 -If you enrol now, you will commence in January

Anger Management
This Anger Management Course will help you to learn to understand anger and explore techniques that can be useful in the management of anger. Learn about what causes anger to develop, and Learn ways of reducing or controlling anger. Expand your skills as a parent, teacher, manager, counsellor, coach or in any other capacity where anger can become an issue.

Coming soon: Certificate in Event Management

Major Course Revision:

Landscape Construction: In a massive upgrade to this already substantial course, we have added almost 20,000 words to the course notes!

Hot Jobs

In Australia – Lawn Mowing & Gardening is huge. There are simply not enough people working in these jobs to keep up with demand. One of Australia’s biggest franchise Lawn Mowing companies (Jim's Mowing) said recently that they have had to turn away millions of dollars of work this year, due to an insufficient number of operators!
There’s never been a better time to start your own business in this industry. So how do you start?
Step 1. Learn the basics –Study either Hort I or RHS Cert II (If you give it 20 hrs a week, you can complete a foundation course like this in 5 or 6 weeks.)
Step 2. Set up a Business –Read our Principal’s book for tips (Starting a Landscape or Garden Business).
Step 3. Discuss your business plan with an ACS tutor – We are happy to chat on the phone or on Skype and give you professional advice for free.
Step 4. Launch a business, become your own boss.

Elsewhere, financial problems around the world have caused redundancies, loss of work hours, and uncertainty in employment for many people.
There are still opportunities everywhere though… but maybe you need to compromise.
For many, the idea of a secure job working for government or big business is unlikely to offer the security that it did in the past. The real growth area is in self employment; and you may just have to become your own boss in the future, if you want a good future.
We suggest
-Do our Starting a Small Business Course
-Use our free Career & Course Counselling Service.
Take one of our great Turf courses.


Hot Courses


We’ve had fantastic feedback lately from people completing the following courses, and finding them to be extremely helpful in getting a job or furthering a career:
Life Coaching
Animal Behaviour
Medical Terminology
Beef Cattle
Permaculture Systems
Organic Farming
Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling

New Affiliate Offer

See Educational Academy for more details!

NEW E-Book launched!

Throughout 2011, we are launcing a whole new “e book” service through our student bookshop.
Read on your i-pad, computer or other book reader.
The first of our new e books is the 3rd Edition of John Mason’s “Commercial Hydroponics”, which is a completely revised and updated electronic edition by author John Mason. This classic is now re-published with new images, a new layout and revised text. Click here to find out more or purchase this e book, or visit:


ACS Closing for Christmas Break

All the Staff and Tutors would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year .
We will be closed from Thursday 23rd December and re-open Monday 10th January 2011.

What do you want to study in 2011?

What do you think about our range of courses? Is there anything else that you are looking for, cannot find, and would enrol in if we developed it?

We’re considering developing a range of new courses; would you be interested in any of the following?

Vegetarianism – Planning a Vegetarian Diet
Dog Training and Grooming
Mine Geology (Geology for the mining industry)
Broad Acre Crop Production (Grain & other crops)
Equine Movement
Equine Feed and Nutrition
Writing Magazine Articles

If one or some of the above courses interest you, email our student liaison officer and tell us your thoughts: [email protected]

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