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What Our Students are Saying...

Some testimonials from some of our students that we have received lately:
Trevor is a grandfather with a background in Engineering.  He's enjoying his studies and has completed 6 of the 9 modules in Sports Nutrition.  The knowledge he has gleaned is already being applied in meaningful ways.  He has generously shared the following tale:
"I think I finally got through to my grandson when I told him of the benefits of carbohydrate stacking.  His eyes lit up when I told him that done correctly the levels of glycogen in the muscles could be increased 2-3 times and levels in the liver doubled.  I stacked him as much as possible on Sunday morning and he completed 4 quarters of AFL footie in the afternoon with energy to spare...he reckoned he could have run another quarter.  It was his best game for the year...received the best on the ground vote by the 3 judges...think he's now appreciating the benefits of good nutrition." Trevor, TAS - Sports Nutrition.
When Trevor finishes his course he plans to "create meal programs for eccentrics like myself and fellow gym junkies as well as the grandkids."

“I’ve been really happy with the course, and the tutors and feedback that I have had.  I will be willing to recommend the course to any of my friends and colleagues who re looking at doing something in this line.” Mark – Crop Production

IARC Website - New and Improved (and re-launched)!

ACS Distance Education is internationally recognised through the International Accreditation and Recognition Council (IARC). IARC has just launched the re-design of their site, and we encourage you to have a look through. Visit:

Two New RHS Certificates

ACS is pleased to announce the release of two new Royal Horticulture Society Certificates which are being phased in to replace older RHS courses over the second half of 2010:
The RHS Certificate II in Plant Growth, Propagation and Development
This course covers 4 units:
The Plant Kingdom (Unit 1)
Plant Nutrition, The Root Environment (Unit 2)
Pests, Diseases and Weeds (Unit 3)
Sexual and Asexual Propagation (Unit 4)

The RHS Certificate II in Principles of Garden Planning, Establishment and Maintenance
This course provides a route to employment in professional horticulture by assessing knowledge of the scientific principles and underpinning horticultural practices, and supports career development for those already working in the profession. It also provides a foundation for further learning or training in the field of horticulture.

Green Expo Gold Coast - ACS is Exhibiting

ACS will be exhibiting at the Green Expo at the Gold Coast Exhibition Centre on the 27th and 28th of July. This is the premier Nursery & Garden Industry Trade event in Queensland. It is held twice a year (Autumn & Spring) and has over 100 Greenstock Growers and Allied Trade in one venue. This is a ‘Trade Only’ event and has free admission. Come and say hello!

Principal John Mason is Visiting U.K Affiliates

John will be visiting several Affiliates in the UK and Europe over the next few weeks: Garden Design Academy in France, and Warwickshire College, Fitness Industry Education, and the Academy of Distance Learning in the UK. He will also be meeting with several industry bodies.

For more information on each of these ACS Affiliates, please visit their respective websites:

Garden Design Academy
Warwickshire College
Fitness Industry Education
Academy of Distance Learning

"The Future of Horticulture" - John Mason

We’ve been here before!
In the mid 1980’s I attended an AIH seminar at Burnley in Victoria, organised by Barry Larkmann (Clive’s Dad), and heard Phil Ruthven speak on the Future of Horticulture in Australia. Phil was then, as he is now, a guru when it comes to predicting future trends in Australia; and I expect far better placed to predict the future than I. What then has happened in the light of his and other predictions made over 2 decades ago? Read full article –click here.


For the Life Coaching Enthusiast

For any students either enrolled in our AC (Association for Coaching – UK) recognised Life Coaching course, working as a Life Coach, or wanting to get into this growing area,
we have found a forum that you may be interested in:
The Life Coaching Forum is designed to connect coaching students and professionals throughout the world to share knowledge, support, techniques and experiences in an equitable fashion and to engage other interested individuals with coaching process within a community framework. For Coaches, The Life Coaching Forum is a free space for new and experienced practitioners to discover more about your craft, pose those tricky questions within forums and connect with other coaches in your area of expertise
Visit the website:

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