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Study, Learn, Work -Get a Job or start a business as an Editor Certificate in Proof Reading and Editing


  • A new concept for learning Journalism.
  • All graduates have opportunities to have work published in the new student magazine.

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Diploma in Journalism 

  • Write commercially viable copy
  • Understand the publishing industry
  • Develop a variety of skills which will be useful to employers or yourself when pursuing a career in journalism

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1. Learn not only how to write; but learn about the industry, where opportunities are to be found and how to capitalise on your strengths.

2. Get the right attitude -many aspiring writers fail because they either have too much or too little ego

3. Get involved -study, join a writers group or professional body, submit work and persist


Groups to Join when you are starting out:

Australian Society of Authors  Our principal, John Mason has been a member of ASA, since 1988

Horticultural Media Association Our principal, John Mason is a foundation member of the HMA
Garden Media Guild (UK)   The principal, John Mason is a full member of the GMG

This is an online resource with a range of links to various pages of free advice and information about the writing industry, as well as links to online writing courses, CD based and traditional correspondence writing courses.

ACS provides distance education, video training, and online studies to students worldwide (in over 50 countries). These courses include short hobby courses, formal certificates, advanced certificates, associate diplomas, diplomas and advanced diplomas covering all areas of film and digital photography.

Distance Education courses are offered in the areas of: creative writing, freelance writing, journalism, children’s writing, editing, ESL writing, publishing and more. Certificates and diplomas are internationally recognised and accredited through IARC.

ACS courses provide unique education at a higher academic standard than many vocational courses, but prove more relevant to the real world than what many university courses often provide.