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15 February- Ungulate Animals ebook

31 January- Animal Health ebook revision


21 November- Brewing, Wine Making and Fermented Drinks
7 November- Land Management and Rehabilitation ebook
17 October- New Microbiology Course ready to take enrolments
14 October- Growing Mushrooms
25 July- Growing Strawberries
18 July- Bees, Beekeeping and Honey
6 June- Pruning Ebook Out Now
6 June- Plant Health Short Course
20 May- Addiction Counselling
20 May- Domestic Cat Care Course
20 May- Improve your English Grammar Short Course
20 May- Managing Stress

15 December- AGC Press Release- Graham Ross update on the Australian Garden Council
 25 November- Australian Garden Council launched in Canberra
17 November- Young Farmers receive scholarships to study with ACS
17 November- Animal Feed & Nutrition Ebook is out now
6 November- New Innovation from ACS Distance Education Our Brand New Short 20 Hour Courses
14 September- Cucumbers Pumpkins Marrows and other Cucurbits
26 August- The Medicinal Herbs ebook has just been released
21 August- Our Beef Cattle Course has just been updated
11 August- The Psychology of Health ebook is out now
24 June- Succulents Ebook Released
16 June- Preserving Meat and Fish Ebook Released
2 June- Carnivorous Plants Ebook Released
1 June- Family and Relationship Counselling Ebook out now
28 May- The Brain and Behaviour Ebook out now
27 May- Education without Ethics
11 May- Technical Writing Ebook out now
22 April- Aquaponics Ebook out now
10 April- Permaculture - Creating Productive Ecosystems
28 January- Growing and Knowing Rhododendrons and Azaleas
28 January- Writing for Children

9 December- The Secret to Success in Business
28 October- Growing and Knowing Grevilleas
15 October-Growing and Knowing Lavender
30 September- Creative Writing
16 September- Occupational Psychology
3 September- Managing an Event- Ensuring that you have thought of everything
20 August- Growing and Using Capsicums & Chillies
13 August- Aerobic Fitness
12 August- Growing & Knowing Grasses
18 July- Marketing Psychology
27 June- Working with Animals
24 June- Growing and Knowing Dianthus & Carnations
16 June- Join ACS and become an Affiliate
6 June- How to be a Successful Editor
26 May- Landscaping and Gardening in the Shade
20 May- Growing and Knowing Perennials
20 May- Growing and Knowing Nuts
17 March- Do you need Retraining?- Rethink Retraining
20 March- Growing and Knowing Fuchsias ebook
28 January- A helping hand when dealing with grief

2 December- Learn Fish Farming- A sustainable alternative
20 November-  Save money and preserve your food
13 November- Young People - Choose your own employment adventure; design your own point of difference
12 November- Go Forth and GROW your own!
5 November- Using Australian Plants for a fire break
15 October- Animal Psychology- Comparing the Psychology of Different Animals
30 September- Growing and Knowing Flowering Bulbs
18 September- Growing and Knowing Annuals- Grow a magnificent flower garden
9 September- Learning- Tips and insights for more successful study
4 September- Home Grown Magazine hits news stands
2 September- Bird Ebook- Identifying Birds Easily
5 August- Proteas Ebook- Introducing the Protea family
10 July- Climbing Plants Ebook
3 July- New Horse Breeding Course now Launched
18 June- ACS Distance Education Handbook Released